[Test Day Annoucement] Anaconda Blivet GUI

Thursday 2017-04-06 will be Anaconda Blivet-GUI Test Day!
As part of this planned Change for Fedora 26, So this is an important Test Day!

We'll be testing the new detailed bottom-up configuration screen has been long requested by users and inclusion of blivet-gui into Anaconda finally makes this a reality. On the other hand, it just adds a new option without changing the existing advanced storage configuration so users that prefer the top-down configuration can still use it. to see whether it's working well enough and catch any remaining issues.
It's also pretty easy to join in: all you'll need is alpha 1.7 (which you can grab from the wiki page).
Anaconda grew a rather important new option in F26: as well as the two existing partitioning choices (automatic, and the existing anaconda custom part interface) there's now a *third* choice.so now you can do custom partitioning with blivet-gui run within anaconda, as well as using anaconda's own interface (because there just weren't enough ways for custom partitioning to go wrong already),so, we'll have a test day for using that interface, to try and shake out whatever problems it inevitably has.As always, the event will be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC.


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